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July 21, 2006

President Bush doing good for the Environment

For as much junk as he takes for his stance on environmental issues (perhaps sometimes rightfully so), President Bush should be positively recognized for his work in Hawaii today.

"Groups pushing for the region’s protection, including the Pew Charitable Trust's environment program, had expected that Bush would declare the islands a marine sanctuary, and were told only Wednesday night that the area would instead receive monument status. By invoking the 1906 Antiquities Act, Bush will avoid congressional debate, allowing protection of the area to begin immediately. "

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July 23, 2006

Moonlight Sonata - Jazzed up version

So this was pretty awesome to hear.

It's too bad that the whole thing isn't captured here, but it's an awesome version of Moonlight Sonata.

July 25, 2006

Done with Wells Fargo

I've made a decision today, and I'm typing it here so that I will see it, and so that others can remind me of it.

I'm done with Wells Fargo.

Understand, I've enjoyed the convenience of Wells Fargo, and at times, have even liked Wells Fargo's level of customer service.

However, in the past three years, over $XXX,XXX.00 has gone through my Wells Fargo accounts.

In the past month and a half, Wells Fargo has charged me $183 in overdraft fees, and $4 just for picking up the phone to talk with a banker. One of those fees was a legitimate overdraft. Another was Wells Fargo's error (which the banker reported in his notes he had refunded to me as a one-time courtesy). The other $120 in fees was over weekend timing issues, and Wells Fargo, because they already refunded one overdraft as a "one-time courtesy" is unable to do any more. But they're glad to have been of service.

Wells Fargo also charges me 23% interest on a credit card that I have never once missed a payment on.

I called in, and then wrote in, to request a lower interest rate. Their response was simply that they were unable to help me at this time, but that they appreciated having me as a customer.


So, even though it will be less convenient, I'm going to begin the process today of migrating away from Wells Fargo entirely.

And Wells Fargo, if you're reading, and want to try to gain me back as a banking customer, please feel free to call me. Your ATM's are convenient, your staff is polite, but your policies and fees are ridiculous. You know how to reach me, and I'd appreciate the opportunity to hear from you... that is, if you're not going to charge me for the phone call.

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