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2010-12-15 This past week

In an effort to better track my time and know what I've been doing (because I do a lot, but often beat myself up for not accomplishing as much as I wanted to), I've decided to start posting 1x/week on Strive4impact with what I've done over the past week.

So, here's some of what I've done over the past couple of weeks, since this is my first "This Past Week" post.

Wrote and shared a poem entitled "Looking Up"

Wrote an article about Coupon Codes for renewal of Norton products

Did an interview with No Debt World Travel (link coming soon)

Did an interview with Caroline from Wales (link coming soon)

Wrote a post about EcoBlue Atmospheric Water Generators. Pretty cool concept.

Wrote a post about how Christmas comes in boxes in New Zealand

Added affiliate links to Lisa Carey's post about How to tell if your Cell Phone is tapped or hacked

Added floating heads to Carrie's post "But We Speak The Same Language" about how Brits and Americans can use the same words to mean different things

Negotiated and promoted a discount for the members of GreenJoyment on the DIY Solar Panel Guides

Wrote a few articles about ESET and ESET Promotion Codes

Wrote a post about how to win a flip-pal scanner (my uncle Gordy's invention)

Worked at the Auckland Council every day from 8:00-4:45 (ish)

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