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$29 For Water?

This year (hard as it is for me to believe), I'll be turning 29 on September 27.

(For future reference (and so that no one has to ask how old I am) every year after this year I'll ALSO be turning 29.)

Some of you don't normally buy me a gift for my birthday, but this year I am doing something special.

I'm asking friends and family of ours to consider participating in charity:water's September birthday project to build wells in Ethiopia and give the people there clean water.

I'm asking for my age in dollars, (which would be, in this case, $29) or whatever you can give (even if it's just a couple of dollars/pounds/euros/etc).

100% of everything we raise goes directly to build wells, and is MATCHED by another organization (founded by actor/director Matt Damon)

This matching means that $20 donated = $40 going towards building wells.

You can complete the process in less than 3 minutes.

Please take a moment and visit my page by clicking the graphic below:

To see why I'm supporting the campaign, watch the 3-minute trailer above (If you haven't already).

Thanks everyone!



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