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A Dream I Had Last Night

I had this really cool dream last night... I don't remember all of it, but the part I remember starts with me watching some sort of stage performance. And these ridiculously muscular guys (like the guys who were in the movie 300), came out on stage and were strutting around, and then the spotlight came to rest on one of them who initially looked really muscular but was actually pretty fat - and hairy.

(This isn't the cool part of the dream). After the stage performance, I was walking around and there was some kind of restaurant, or just a booth from a restaurant, backstage. At the table was someone who I recognized as a friend, but I didn't know who it was. Once I sat down though, I realized that it was my cousin Megan.

Megan passed on, rapidly and unexpectedly, a few years ago. She shows up in dreams from time to time, but I hadn't talked with her in a dream for a very long time. I think she shows up as a guide, and as a comfort, to let me know that things are okay, and that she's okay, because I miss her pretty frequently, especially at family holidays.

So I sat down at the booth, and we had this great conversation. Unfortunately, I don't remember most of it at the moment, but toward the end of the conversation, I said, "I miss you." And she smiled the most comforting smile, and with a tear in the corner of her left eye, she didn't really say anything, but Megan got up from the table and walked around and put her hands on my shoulders behind me. Her smile and tear and the comfort of her resting her hands on my shoulders said so much... It was a message which said, "I'm okay. I'm really very happy where I am, but there are things you don't know about yet that you'll learn, which make it okay that I'm not with you in the physical realm. There are reasons I passed which you will understand later, and know that I'm still here with you... you're not alone... I'm on your journey with you."

I know it may be hard to imagine that all of that came from a smile, and but it did, and I was truly comforted by it.

Then I felt her leaving, not walking away, but just sort of disappearing up and to my right, and I asked when I would see her again. And she said, "Just ask," as if to say, I'm never far away.

It was really a beautiful and awesome dream which I am so happy to have had.

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