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Blogging has changed a lot

Blogging has changed a lot since I last put anything online at my Blog.

But it's pretty exciting to watch how much change has happened.

The last time I posted to my Blog, America had gone to war with Iraq a few months earlier, I still taught German and theater full time at, and I was directing A Midsummer Night's Dream. Some of those kids will graduate this weekend.

Carrie had just returned from Germany. . I was looking at living in my place for a long time, had not really gotten started with Prepaid Legal, and I ran only two web sites (That's hard to imagine!). I went nearly every Wednesday night to the Rio with Janna, Rike, Doro, and Kurt. I was excited when my web site reached 10,000 visitors in one month, and had a 500 visitor day. I spent a lot of time writing, and worked with only 2 massage clients.

What's amazing is that the only thing that hasn't changed on that whole list is that America is still at war with Iraq. And I'm still troubled by the question of whether war is necessary.

In the past two years, I have definitely come to some decisions about my life:
(which has led me to realize that I have even more decisions to make...)

- I will never be in a position again where someone dictates to me how much I can earn.
- I will never again be in a position where someone can tell me that they can't afford to pay me (even a minimal amount) to do something I love to do. I will have the income coming in so that I can pursue whatever dreams may come.
- I will only get what I want by helping others to find what they want. As such, I must become a better leader, and help develop my skills so that I can help others become leaders.
- There is no room for neglecting the spirit, but if I don't make time for learning and growing in my journey, and reflecting on how far I've come, then neglect happens. I have learned that solitude is not something I should search for. Solitude is something I must choose to create daily, in order to allow communion between myself the body, myself the spirit, and God the eternal and everpresent.
- If I don't know where I'm going, then it doesn't much matter what path I take to get there. I must have a clear vision of the future, being flexible enough to grow as I achieve my goals, being happy with their achievement, but not patting myself on the back for too long.

Mostly I have learned that I MUST make time for me, to be away from the phones, away from the work, away from anyone, so that I can draw into myself and draw out the light, that the world so badly needs to see from all of us.

Thank-you for your visit to my Blog. I will try to update more regularly!

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