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Bring Value: A Conversation With a New Marketer

When people email me out of the blue, sometimes the conversation gets longer and I end up sharing some content that I think is good and helpful for others.

So, this is an email conversation between myself and Stojaco, someone I've just met through I don't know how he came to that site, but I hope you find some helpful advice in the conversation as well.

Hi, Here are my "comments"...unfortunately I did not receive(read) the report because "the pc, doesn't have" aproproate program and can not translate thetext (the report)!,I am asking,do you have a videos(maybe this is idea for better marketing-marketing tool, ha-ha), or some fresh and quickest way to make money,($1000 montly will be good),(no offense,,,for the report,because I haven't saw-read it).Thank you. I am expecting your reply,as you said you ...will.

ps:I am not flatering you but I noticed that you are a good(Honest) guy,(which is very very rare when it comes to a "internet marketer") and I wish to tell you that I am a complete beginer to online merketing but I've noticed while I was looking for a way to make money online that with this one like you are doing (waiting for reply) you are making the same time (something-kind) like research and that is a sign to a honest in depth marketer,waitig for reply and maybe future cooperation.thank you.

Hey Stojaco,

Thank-you for your email! Sorry for the difficulty with the PDF's. You should be able just to see them in Gmail, Firefox, or Internet Explorer, but perhaps also just Google, and then download, Adobe's free PDF reader... Just Google it... you'll be able to get it at

If you check out my YouTube channel,, you'll be able to see a bunch of videos, MANY of them are about Internet Marketing.

Thank-you for your compliments! Please do try to get the reports to open on your computer. PDF is a pretty common file type and I've learned lots from the PDF's I've downloaded over the years.

Definitely check out the videos on my YouTube channel! You can make $1,000/month, but my recommendation is to set a goal to work for your first $100. Then work for $200. Starting smaller makes the goals easier to attain, which will give you confidence to shoot for bigger goals.

Thank-you for being part of ThreeMoneyMethods!

Ok,I will,but can you tell me how to make $1 online "imidiately" ?? thanks.

Sent again 15 minutes later

Ok, can you tell me how to make $1 online ?? thanks.

I can tell you how to make $1 online immediately. But if you're in this for a quick buck (literally), then I'm not the right coach for you.

What do you want to build that will be of value to people?

That's where earning comes from... being of value to other people. Without even knowing you, I know you can bring value to other people, because we all have that ability. What value CAN you bring to other people online, and what value do you WANT to bring to other people?

Download Adobe PDF reader and have a look at the three money methods guides...


(Stojan then went to my YouTube channel. presumably instead of looking at all the videos on my YouTube channel, he just watched the first one that came up, which was the video talking about our 2011 advertising opportunity through

Below is the response I received.)

Aha,..I see,..then (you) go ahead and write an exxelent screnplay with outstanding(universal) message ,because I don't have money conditions to do that,and about $1... what,then (I)or(We) to repeat it and then learn that people(that was I taught when I asked you!! Think of that!

And again, 20 minutes later, I received the same message...

Aha,..I see,..then (you) go ahead and write an exxelent screnplay with outstanding(universal) message ,because I don't have money conditions to do that,and about $1... what,then (I)or(We) to repeat it and then learn that people(that was I taught when I asked you!! Think of that!


I wasn't trying to have you watch the latest video I put up (about advertising with us).
Advertising isn't right for you right now. You're just getting started.

I don't know who hurt you in the past.

I also do not know why you think I'm here to hurt you. But I am here to help.

Sorry I sent directly to my YouTube channel... I sent you to my YouTube channel because there are LOTS of videos there. I wanted to direct you to those videos that are there without having to copy/paste all the links. I've learned a lot just sending you that one link, and I'm sorry if your perception was that I was asking you to buy advertising.

I am not asking you to buy advertising.

I hope that you do NOT buy advertising with us, as I don't know how that would help you right now.

(So that you know, that 4 minute video took me over 65 hours (yes, 65 hours) to create.)

But, there are 250+ videos on my YouTube channel. Take a look at these if you want to learn methods for online business marketing and building:

All of this will make more sense though once you download the PDF reader and read the ThreeMoneyMethods reports.

Here's the truth: There are THOUSANDS of ways to make $1 today.

If you really need money today, and you have NO money, then borrow $1.
Buy something for $1 and sell it for $2.
Keep $1 for yourself, pay back the person you borrowed $1 from, and repeat the process.
That's how you make $1 today.
If you really need money that desperately, don't do it online.

It will take time to build a business.

I'm working with people online to teach them not just how to make $1 today, but how to build businesses which make the world a better place.

Hope you're along for that journey... the world needs more positive, excited, passionate people living out their dreams.


I agree but I've noticed that you are showing-teacheang just ideas,in a way, people to motivate them-you just give them direction but not teach them exactly what they to do and your final goal is to build a confindence and "make" name and brand...invest in your self(sorry if this looks like argue ,I don't mean by that at all,but rather something like a contructive conversation). Can you tell me THE EXACT WAY copy and paste from you if you succeded online till now and then maybe we'll be JV partners(if I know what that JV means?). All the best

Hey Stojan,

Thank-you for your feedback. It is appreciated - really - so often people aren't willing to provide honest feedback, so I appreciate you letting me know how you're feeling after seeing the videos I sent you.

I could show you the exact way I did what I did, and you would probably decide to go do something else (away from internet marketing) because it would be too much information to absorb in even several sittings.

I have screwed up so many times and on so many projects. That is the "secret" to my success... learning by doing and being willing to mess up.

Teaching people the EXACT WAY is also impossible...

And the reason it's impossible is because there isn't an EXACT way. Unless you buy a franchise, business is about inventing your own way. But the Three Money Methods reports do take what all Internet businesses have in common and teach you how to set up the same structure so you can succeed online too.

I would recommend to read the Three Money Methods Reports... Especially the 2nd one is a step-by-step what to do. I've really tried to do it that way so that you don't get overwhelmed getting started.


Ok,I see, let me be more specific: I want to roll on(try) with affiliate ,i have an idea for bringing trafic but I don't know which product(affiliate program) to promote.Can you show me(idea) which product to promote,but specificly pls,not a diplomatic reply(like,you try this or that!).If you help with this I would apreciete,realy!Thank you...

Hi Stojan,

We are actively promoting over 1,000 products at any given time.

The ones that have worked well for us over the last 9 years are:

- Calling Cards (we do this through and
We teach people how to make International phone calls, and then sell calling cards for SpeedyPin, Nobel, and

-Telecom (
We teach people how to save money on their phone service, and then we sell products through Commission River, and we're an affiliate of Skype through Commission Junction.

- Software and personal security solutions ( and
We teach people how to avoid scams and schemes. Then we show them products to protect their computers and their lives. Some that have worked well for us are Roboform, Symantec, and Norton. We also have enough traffic on IdentityTheftSecrets that we sell the advertising space.

- Male Progesterone Cream (
We teach men (especially older men) why they feel grumpy sometimes. Then we sell them progesterone cream. We do this through a company called Kokoro.

I could go on... But hopefully you're getting the idea...

Start thinking about how you can provide value. What do people want to know? What can you teach? Then find products to match whatever you're talking about.

What works well is to provide value for people in areas they are looking for help. Help them get what they're looking for.

In the process, you can talk to them about products and services, but first and foremost you have to provide some value to their lives.

You have to decide what products are matched with the value you want to bring to the world.

First bring value. Then bring products/services.

Otherwise, whatever you build won't last and will probably be unfulfilling for you.


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