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Okay, so I've finished the audio series and will definitely be listening again.


Here are some of my favorite excerpts.

Turn frustration into fascination.

Start with people where they are, before trying to take them to where you want them to go.

The true values in life are made more apparent by the contrast. Unless you experience more of the contrast, even the values you consider valuable become a bit shallow; if you don't understand the contrast. It's hard to really appreciate success until you've done some failing. (Try to understand the contrast without really experiencing it, if at all possible.)

Actions are no substitute for words. We must be gifted with words if we want the full treasure of life. SO practice every occasion you get. It's okay to send someone flowers, but don't let flowers do all your talking. Why? Flowers have a limited vocabulary.

Don't mistake courtesy for consent. Don't mistake kindness for acceptance.Words have an effect, but words loaded with emotion have an incredible effect.

Learn to express, not impress.

All values must be won by contest. After they've been won, they must be defended.

Become story conscious, as well as figure conscious. Translate all business into stories. How many stories does 10 million dollars represent? Translate numbers into people's lives.

Learn to trust the truth. If the truth isn't enough, then you've got to become stronger, yourself, in telling the truth.There's nothing better to set you free than the awesome facts, the truth. SO deal with the truth.

Affirmation without discipline leads to delusion.

You've got to know the problem, before you can find the answer.It's the truth that starts the freedom mechanism working.It isn't just knowledge that makes you wealthy. It's knowledge mixed with feelings and attitudes and emotions and action.

Civilization is the intelligent management of human emotions.

"Spend 5 minutes complaining and you have wasted 5, and you may have begun what's known as economic cancer of the bone. (If you complain), they will soon haul you off into a financial desert, and there let you choke on the dust of your own regret." Jim Rohn

Whatever you reap is what you've sown. If you don't like the crop, who do you look up? The person who planted the crop. Where do you find out who planted your crop? The mirror.Look in the mirror. Ask yourself, am I reading enough books, or am I not?

If I engage in my current financial practices, will it take me toward the fortune I would wish for in the next ten years, or will it not? If I keep up my current health practices, will I have the health, the vitality, and the vigor to do all that I want 5 years from now? Are my current practices taking me to where I want to go, or have I been kidding myself for quite some time?

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