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How many order buttons do you have in the world?

How many order buttons do you have out there?

This was a question asked by Paul Myers in his newsletter today.

It made me think.

How many order buttons do I have in the world?

"Order buttons" defined: Places where people can pull out their credit card/debit card/bank details and (in exchange for the value I'm providing them) pay me something in return?

I promote lots of other people's order buttons and other people's businesses.

I do this through affiliate marketing.

Some of the companies I promote pay me commissions when one of their products is sold from my referral.

However, for products and solutions I provide, I really only have two order buttons in the world right now.

Order buttons (for us) would be places where (when people buy) the money goes directly to our business account.

Those two places are Healing Scar Tissue and Music of Massage.

One would think, after 9 years of marketing on the Internet, I would have more order buttons "out there".

Maybe I should.

At the same time, affiliate marketing has allowed us to live well (and has encouraged us to travel to find new companies and products to promote).

If you're happy with where you are in life, then this question may not apply to you.

However, if you want to earn more income, here's a question you may want to ask yourself:

How many order buttons do I have in the world?

If you're not happy with the number, it's something to work on.

How can you provide value, or help fix the problem someone else is facing?

As soon as you figure this out, then place an "order" button on helping people gain access to the solution to their problem. By adding an order button, you are in business and being a person of impact - helping people with their challenges while providing for yourself, your family, your community and your life.

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