We have entered the information age.

The industrial age has come to a close.

  • In the information age, life, jobs, money, and success are much more about who you know, rather than what you know.

  • In the information age, a single instant can change the world, while the world stands by, unable to react to that instant.

  • In the information age, the largest businesses, and those businesses that are most successful, are those that are nearly invisible.

"The network marketing industry is an Information Age business because it is an invisible business.  Because network marketing is an invisible business, it is often hard to describe the business's benefits to people who think with industrial age minds, and who still try to see the business with their eyes, rather than their minds.

"It would be hard for a terrorist to attack the Network Marketing industry, simply because the business offices are also invisible.  Most Network Marketing offices are hidden in homes throughout the world.  There are people who are running massive businesses from inside their homes that are invisible.  But if you could see their business, it would look like skyscrapers rising from neighborhoods all over the world."

From: Prophecy
by Robert Kiyosaki


Are you ready to leave the industrial age, and join the information age?

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Do you want to make a living while making a difference?

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