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Life, as a series of gifts

This morning, right before I woke up with the alarm for a Monday morning mastermind meeting, I was having a dream.

In my dream, my alarm went off. So I shut off the alarm, got up, and went into the office, which is across the hall from my bedroom (which was pretty accurate in my dream). As I walked into the office, I noticed that there were presents all around me. It was so amazing!

There were presents of of all shapes and sizes, most of them being in gift bags of all colors and sizes. I realized that my office was larger (than it actually is), and the entire room was actually filled with presents.

As I turned to go back into the bedroom to tell Carrie, I realized that there were presents all around me. Everywhere I looked, there were presents.

One of them was from "Gordy and girls," which would be my uncle Gordy and his daughters, (my cousins,) Jennifer and Megan(megan unexpectedly passed on a few years ago at age 23).

At that point in the dream, I realized that each of these presents was an unopened present, that had been given to me in the past.

The amount of presents there was absolutely staggering - so many presents in fact, that I thought it could take an entire lifetime to open them.

And that was one of the points of the dream. It took my entire lifetime to leave these presents sitting there, and I wanted to open all of them in one shot, but I couldn't. It would take time to open them, and the reason that I wanted them all, right then, was that I was just coming to them at one particular moment in time. All of the presents were (and are) mine, but I must take the time to open them.

As I went to unwrap the present from Gordy and girls, which was wrapped in gold (if the present was wrapped in gold, imagine what was inside!), the sound of my alarm became the crinkling of the wrapping paper being unwrapped, and I awoke.

The dream has left me with these questions today. (Maybe they will help you too):

How many presents are given to us in our lives, that we leave, sitting, completely unwrapped, because we're too nervous to ask, too afraid to take the first step, or simply because we lack the faith in ourselves?

How can I make sure to receive all the blessings I'm given by opening the presents that come my way?

How can I remove my mental limitations so that I will realize how many gifts are already in my life?

How can I open myself to receiving all of the gifts that are given to me?

How can I come to the understanding that I don't have to open them all at one time, but rather every time a gift comes into my life, to recognize it and go to the work of opening it?

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