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Accident 3/18/06

North Castlewood Canyon Road @ Park Entrance
Court Date: May 3 10:00 AM CRS 42-4-902 “Made Unsafe UTurn��? $35 fine $6.20 Surcharge CODE 270

How did I get the ticket? I really don't know.

We were heading up to hike and take pictures, so Carrie had her camera.  When the officer said he was giving me a ticket, we started taking pictures.


I had my left blinker on, signifying that I was going to make a left hand turn.  We were heading back to the station to get a trail map.


The officer gave me a ticket for making an illegal U-Turn.  This ticket was issued (I think) based on the woman saying that I pulled off to the right shoulder.




I’m glad no one was seriously injured.



As you can see from the above picture, I’m definitely in the other lane when hit, and also not trying to make a U-Turn, with such a wide turn.





Again, I’m clearly across the lane almost 50% before I’m hit.






If I was pulled off 2/3 to the side of the road, as the woman said, where are the tire marks from my passenger side tire?


They’re not there, because if I was off the pavement at all, it was a tiny part of my tire that was off the side.




I just got brand new tires on the front end on 3/16/06.  Today is 3/18/06.  The tires would have left marks in the dirt. They did not leave marks in the dirt, just on the road.




I had my left blinker on.  I did not have flashers on.



Can someone explain to me how I got a ticket for a U-Turn I wasn’t making?

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