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Pictures from the Pumpkin Carving Party 2006

We again had the annual pumpkin carving party!  Since we were gone for Jason's wedding the weekend before Halloween, we had our pumpkin carving party on October 20th.



Carrie makes awesome and delicious pumpkin party treats.
We had witches' broomsticks (peanut butter cookies attached to pretzels and decorated with chocolate)
We had a Spider nest (7 layer dip decorated in sour cream)
We also had broomsticks dipped in melted chocolate.  Guess who got to lick the bowl?

We carved 12 pumpkins in total at the party.

Carrie's "Lovers" pumpkin design

The Glowing Pumpkin (she did this by scraping down the inside of the pumpkin so that the pumpkin was VERY thin.


Deanna and I are the last two to finish carving...

Deanna's Goblins Pumpkin

The Coyote/Wolf pumpkin and

dad's castle pumpkin

Me, still carving my pumpkin, at 12:45 AM.  (It took until almost 2:00 AM before I finished.)

But I did finish my pumpkin.
Here's what it looked like.


Warning:  IF you try carving this pumpkin design, it's not quite as easy as it may look.

All of our pumpkins together.  

You can also look at pictures of our pumpkin carvings from years past:
View Pumpkin carvings from 10/28/2001
View Pumpkin carvings from 10/30/2001
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View pumpkin carvings and pumpkin designs from 10/26/2003
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View Pumpkins and Designs from 10/29/2005


(Of these, which is your favorite? Please feel free to leave comments below!)

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