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So this is my gloved

So this is my gloved hand, and a little bird... a little hummingbird.Every year, my parents hang up hummingbird feeders, and we get a multitude of them showing up.I was at my parents mowing the lawn to help them get ready for Brian and Jamie's going away party, and left the garage door open.

My parents had just cleaned the windows in the garage, and this poor little guy (girl? - how can you tell with hummingbirds? I assume it was the guy, because it was more colorful, and male birds are supposed to be the more colorful ones... anyway, (s)he) had gotten totally exhausted after flying into the garage, and becoming totally confused about how to get out. (HINT: Head towards the gaping bright hole (A.K.A. OPen garage door) on the end opposite of you.)

Anyway, it fluttered around for a bit, and then just landed on a piece of wood, and looked like it might just die there from exhaustion, so I picked it up, and carried it over to the hummindbird feeder where it could get some sugar water.Pretty amazing little creatures. After a while, it appeared to stop flicking it's tiny tongue out, and so I went to set it down, but it flew, and landed on the concrete, where it sat for a few minutes, and then zipped off.

So amazing... the only way I could even really tell that I was holding it (because it was so light), was that it's heart was beating so hard and so quickly.Anyway, this was just a very cool experience that I wanted to share.

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