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TSA September 18 at Las Vegas Airport

Five years and some after September 11, and our airports are no more safe than they were prior to September 11, 2001.

After over an hour of standing in security lines at Las Vegas airport, I have realized something in a crystal clear way. Our security is only as strong as the people in it: some of the people in it are not very smart.

There are many within the TSA workers who are highly intelligent, and there is no doubt that they are working hard, and dealing with a lot of crazy travelers. But this morning, I will walk on to a plane with two foil-wrapped granola bars. The contents of an aluminum wrapped package walking through a stand-up x-ray scanner may or may not be detected by the machine, but when screened, and showing a security screener that it was just granola bars, I found myself able to walk away and get on the plane. The screeners are dealing with so many people every day, that it’s easy to let some little things slip through the cracks. Little things can result in big problems.

One other thought… Who is getting wealthy re-selling all the items that are confiscated at airports around the country?

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