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It occurred to me recently that I should put up a page for compliments and awards from visitors to my web site, since I've started getting a lot more of them recently. So here they are. Thank-you, all of you, for visiting my site and spending some of your day in my world on the Internet, and thank-you to those of you who have taken the time to write me about your experiences!

So, here they are.

(If you want to add one, you can do so using the comments below, or by contacting me. Thanks!)


30. Mar. 2010

From a friend John Machado

I have enjoyed occasionally following your adventures. I admire what you have been doing with your life, and the example that you set for so many people, not just to have the courage to have big dreams, but to go after them with such style.

26. Jan. 2010

Misti Burmeister commented on her note "I Want to Know Me":

"you are such a gift, Jonathan ... a true brother in my life. I'm grateful for your kind and validating words. Today is a bit lighter, as I step back and further question the intention behind my decisions - the purpose behind my vision. As I chose to look at $ as coconuts and focus my attention on being an incredible woman - for me, that is.

Much like you, I do not believe in the standard definition for success - when I feel it's right, I do it...when I don't, I don't do it. When I'm not doing "it," I tend to question myself. Though it's usually during those times that I'm growing the crops I will eventually eat on the mountain top...there really is no top, per say - there are many beautiful ledges along the way.

I'm learning to trust - and to love myself is a journey and one I'm grateful to be on.

I love you!"

01. Aug. 2008
Thanks for those posts, Jonathan, Carrie. ... the most important of all, starting at home with our children...they will inherit the world we leave them so they must as well start early learning to be "Good Stewards" of mother Earth. Thanks for sharing. Going green has reached a tipping point and we need people like you to push us forward. Warmest regards, Liam

In reference to our going green site

01. Aug. 2008

I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I appreciated your time yesterday.
Do you realize what a GREAT coach you are?

You have the interest, knowledge and inquisitiveness to "drill down" to help guide people through the process of discovery and to the "aha moment" (to quote Oprah).
You also have the incredible gift of getting people excited and motivated!

I was so motivated after speaking with you that I immediately started working on [The project we discussed] and I have gotten over 100 contacts already!
But even more importantly, I think I might have actually found a "niche!"

I'm now seriously looking at making the Self-Help area (including Inspiration, leadership, goals, motivation, spirituality and coaching) MY niche!

What an incredible win-win situation!! These people understand what it takes to succeed, I would be learning and involved in incredibly positive things and also contributing to a real change.

Thank you, thank you, Thank You!!!!!

I appreciate you.

Your friend,
Your Virtual Partner

nice website. thank you. the scar tissue piece is how i found your site. the information provided regarding healing/scar tissue is helpful. i've been looking for some info on self healing. so thanks. everything on your website is interesting. especially when i read your comments on the giving tree, and that it was at the top of your list. also, my favorite book as a child, and still is. thought that was funny.

anyway, continued success to you. take care.


i love this site me adn my dad were just lookin 4 some pumpkin cavings and this cool site popped up we're going to carve the 3 kids trick or treating the witch the ghost and the devil thanks!! Courtney

I loved your website!

I was in China in May of 2002. I went with a group of MBA students from the University of Colorado. We stayed in Beijing, Nanjing and Shanghai. In Beijing we stayed in University housing that left a little to be desired (yes, we did have "creature" roommates and the worst was waking up the last morning to find 2 worms crawling in my bed -- still bothers me to think about it!) but alas, in Nanjing and Shanghai we stayed in very nice hotels. The whole experience was just out of this world -- I would not trade it for anything. Obviously, it was not the easiest of trips, but it was so worth it!

Your advice page is great! I completely agree about the Beijing and Shanghai it was hot and humid but in Nanjing and Suzhou it was rainy -- I was not prepared for rain and had to borrow an umbrella.
Feet -- definitely wear comfy shoes -- we joked that China is one big Stairclimber -- stairs at the Great Wall -- stairs at Sun Yat Sen's Mausoleum -- more stairs than I had ever seen!
Plane -- what good things can be said about a 13 hour plane ride? Not much! I would advise bringing drinking water for the plane ride -- the flight attendant did not serve water that often and several people in my group got a little dehydrated.
Phones -- I found using calling cards to be rather difficult so I ended up setting up an account through I was able to call home with no difficulty and the rates were incredibly cheap!

Again, your website was great! Makes me feel like I was just there -- I hope to go back before the Olympics.

Take care,
In reference to My China Pictures

Dear Mr. Kraft (Jonathan): My husband, Greg recently tore ligaments in his right index finger and has been recovering over the past 7 weeks. Today, the hand surgeon told him that complete healing may take several months with ligament damage and that scar tissue has formed in the healing ligaments so he needs to begin strengthening the ligaments with ball squeezing and light weight movement. Anyway, Greg searched the internet for a description of and suggestions for addressing scar tissue, and he came across your informative article on the Strive 4 Impact website. One thing Greg noted to me was your emphasis on the importance of good nutrition in healing and re-creating sensation in the affected area. You seem to very much understand the role of good nutrition in health and healing. Therese
I recently received photos of Nuremberg after the war. Your site helped me identify several locations. Many thanks. Mesox In reference to
I want to thank you for your excellent service & most beautiful photo's related to China. What a wonderful service for people planning a trip to China. Your picture of Shanghai, with the TV Antenna Tower, & your picture of the flowing waters in the gardens were worthy of photo awards. Keep up your good work Jonathan. It's appreciated by MANY. I still plan to look at ALL your lovely pictures.

In reference to My China Pictures

While browsing the Internet on scar tissue - I came up with your sight. I've been searching for a few months and this was the first time I saw your sight. All others on scar tissue just say the inability to bend the knee - which I can to some degree. I had knee replacement 8 months ago and I can still feel the implant. The surgeon said that everything is fine and is it probably scar tissue. He said other than moving the knee - (he didn't give any more specific exercises) - there was nothing to be done. I was so upset when he said this. He is a top doctor in my area in computer surgery and was shocked that there is nothing he can do. I made copies of your sight and will reread. At least I know there is some hope with massage therapy which I was never told to do. I also had that CPM machine and used it every day in rehab - but I wasn't given it to come home. I did Rehab, PT (as much as insurance would allow) and exercised at home. I don't do much now but ride the bike a little. Walking hurts my hip (which he said was probably caused from my back??)
Hate to bore you - had to vent - thanks and I'll try to follow up on your
In reference to

Thank you so much, and I hope to hear from you soon- (im soo lucky to have found this website!!!)
In reference to My China Pictures

You can read my response to her email (answers to questions about China) at

I stumbled across your page from Google. I've been invited to travel to China (I live outside of Detroit, MI) - I found your page very informative. The pictures were great! Sam In reference to My China Pictures

Hi Jonathan,
I have read everything on your website (more than once) and it's very informative and helpful!
In reference to

Dear Jonathan,
I tore a muscle when I was in Jr. High when my coach was introducing me to weight training. Doing bench presses he added weights with each pump. I felt something pop in my right shoulder and I had to have the spotter take the bar bell away before I dropped it. It hurt initially but I had not used that muscle much so I don't notice it much. Once in a while when doing push ups or lifting above my head. More recently I have been working with weight more and I have started to notice a tightness and pain in my shoulder. It makes it difficult to do minor work using those muscles only. A while back I had heard my dad mention scar tissue in muscle injury and that prompted me to find your site. I have read your article at strive4impact and I agree with the physiology of it and the nature of scar tissue. I will massage my shoulder and try to (if anything) loosen up the tendons as well as stretch, as that is when it has the most sensation. If I have any success I will let you know. I have inately tried to stretch it as it seems it is simply tight tendons. I think I have increased my range of motion by not my lifting capacity (stretching, not weights). So thank you for your article, it was very informative.

John W.
In relation to

JustFolks.Net Upbeat Web Site Award Mainly given because of Above All Else
PhMS Platinum Award for Internet Excellence, for design / content.
I recently had a world class allergic reaction in my face which apparently went into overdrive and rapidly and almost overnight formed masses of scar tissue in my cheeks, chin, lips and the side of my face. Apparently my body reacted against itself or tried to isolate something in my tissue by walling it off. In just a week, I have dense deep scar tissue causing facial deformities and surface scar tissue resembling burns. I have been treated for the inflammation but really nothing else. I think the scar formation has been arrested as of the last 24 hours. I started on grape seed extract, aloe vera, and spinach to reduce the inflammation and to keep the tissues resilient as I am afraid my face will seize up. Echinachea and Goldenseal is used for toxin removal. I did not respond to the drugs. All they could hope to do was prevent infection.

The scar tissue is thick and bound tightly. I lost much movement of my upper lip and right side of my mouth along with most of the feeling. I also have the instant appearance of someone who has lopsided acromaglia. They just said to rest and it has been the worst week of my life. My mind was the greatest enemy other then the mirror. They started cortisone injections in to my face this weekend to begin shrinking the scar masses. I am going to begin my own massage therapy to reduce the masses and get my sensation back. The months of treatment form the doctors is not acceptable since I am now unemployed being that I was a bartender and did not have insurance with recent job changes.

I began gently massaging the masses and very slowly but firmly messaged the hardest of the masses. Some are still pliable. The surface burn type scars look like they have already set in. Today my face feels more alive. Swelling was a problem afterwards. I am reducing swelling via head bandages while I sleep and warm compresses. Cold did little but soothe me for the moment. I never saw a reduction in the swelling.

I now have hope after reading your article. When stuff like this happens you tend to think a permanent end to it all. Your words just may prevent me from going back to that dark place. If there is anything else I can do please pass it along. I am going to recover. I look like the offspring of Andre the Giant and the Elephant man at the moment so have a long way to go.

Thank you so much, R. E.
In relation to


Comments (4)

John Williams commented:

Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)

Posted by John Williams | August 19, 2008 10:49 PM

Bobbie commented:

Thank you for passing along my name to Misti! We're going to be working together because of the connection you made between us.

You are the Best!


Posted by Bobbie | August 26, 2008 1:49 PM

Sue commented:

Jonathan, both you and Carrie continue to inspire us.

Have a great weekend!


Posted by Sue | August 28, 2008 10:40 AM

remioptontine commented:

How I may contact admin this site? I have a question.


Posted by remioptontine | October 2, 2008 1:13 AM

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