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The Secret

A great series of videos about "The Secret". Most of these are from the times when "The Secret" has been featured on Oprah, but it's also the gift of The Secret, as well as the entire movie of "The Secret".


Watch the whole video of "The Secret" by clicking the PLAY button below.

And in case they have removed the whole video again, you can watch the first 20 minutes by clicking play below, but it's got a weird fuzzy thing about every 2 seconds.

Bob Proctor's Summary on the Secret

The Secret on Larry King Live: 1 of 2

The Secret on Larry King Live: 2 of 2

The Secret Returns to Oprah. Take a look here.

A Quantum Physicist talks about the Secret

The Secret On Ellen Degeneres. Part 1.

The Secret On Ellen Degeneres. Part II.

Oprah's people removed her videos from YouTube.

So, they are no longer visible by clicking below.


If you want to get a DVD of The Secret, visit

Comments (2)

Bill Shoup commented:

Jonathan, thanks for posting this. I missed The Secret when it was on Oprah's show but wanted to watch it.
Now I was able to see it, and even better, there were no commercials. :) Have a great day.

Posted by Bill Shoup | February 11, 2007 10:11 PM

Jonathan commented:

Thanks for commenting Bill!

Glad it was helpful for you to be able to watch it here. It's truly remarkable stuff, and I'm glad Oprah is bringing "The Secret" to the limelight and that I'm able to post all of it here due to the magic of Internet video!


Posted by Jonathan | February 11, 2007 10:38 PM

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