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To the family of Saeed Chmagh

Wikileaks called the video "Collateral Murder".

I don't know about all of that, or know about the political forces which drive our planet.

What I do know is that the family of Saeed Chmagh lost someone they cared for deeply.

They didn't just lose him... they had him taken from them.

After watching this video, I felt compelled to reach out in some way.

And so I did what I do... I wrote to them.

To the family of Saeed Chmagh

I came to know your face
And the tragedy of your story
As I watched images
horrible images
which ripped at my heart
and churned my insides.

I don't think I have the imagination
to know what this must have done to you.

I never met him
But I saw your face
As you clutched that picture of your father
A man gunned down by carelessness

I wanted to write you a letter
to tell you it would all be okay.
I wanted to scream at the video
And make it stop, so that it never happened.

But my language failed me.

The words to assure you...
The words to speak, which can turn back time...
I don't know those words.

I saw your face.
And I understood.
I don't have the words.

I am crying with you
And I am sorry that I don't yet know
how to give you more than my tears.

You may be disturbed by what you see in this video.

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