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Work is Pretty Much Boring

Mark: "Do you like working where you're working or is it pretty much boring as hell?"

Jonathan: "I like working where I'm working, but yah, it's pretty much boring."

That was the conversation I had some time ago with my friend Mark.

Most people go into business thinking that they will avoid the "boring as hell" stuff that they have to do in their job.

But you know what I've discovered? In business, there's plenty of boring-as-hell stuff to do as well.

And if you don't do the boring stuff that your business requires (or at least hire someone to do the boring stuff that your business requires), then chances are good that your business won't succeed, and you'll be back to doing the boring stuff for someone else.

Business is more work than a job. Having and running business takes more initiative and drive than having a typical job.

But I'd much rather do boring things that I know are going to benefit me, as opposed to boring things that I know will benefit someone else in exchange for a paycheck.

That's not very optimistic, and... to be clear... not all business stuff is boring.

You should go into a business you are passionate about.

But know that there will be boring things that you just have to get done in order to get where you want to go with your business.


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