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You and I are SO Rich!

Maybe it's been prompted by the news I've heard lately that we're in some sort of global economic crisis, but I've been thinking a lot about how much wealth the average person has.

And not just in America or in the Western world, but all around the world, we have so much wealth.

If you don't believe me, try this one on for size.

Assuming you are a sighted person...

Will you sell me your eyes for $10?

(Seriously consider this question.)


How about $100?
Will you sell me your eyes for $100?


Okay, how about just one eye?
Will you sell me the joy and pleasure you receive from seeing out of one of your eyes for $1000?

How about this...

Will you give up one of your eyes for $10,000?


Will you give me one of your eyes (you'll never see again from that eye) if I give you $100,000?

Here's the point:
Even though we may not have as much wealth as we want in the bank (or under the mattress), we all have assets and abilities, which we wouldn't sell for even large amounts of money.

And this leads me to think that perhaps this "global economic 'crisis'" is more a function of how our we, our media, and our leaders are looking at things.

It is what we perceive is reality which creates reality (more than that there is a problem or a "crisis" (or a good time) which is happening at the moment).

And I can hear someone saying, "Yeah, but tell that to the guy who lost his job and has been out of work and not earning anything for three months."

My response to that would be that he's undervaluing himself.

He's not valuing his skills, or his ability to learn and apply his knowledge in the way that he could be, and that is why he hasn't been able to earn anything for three months.

Read the book "Scratch Beginnings" and you'll begin to see what I'm talking about.

Please don't think I'm admonishing anyone here, because I'll be the first to admit that I have been guilty of undervaluing myself, and my own abilities... of not "seeing" what's actually there, and how I can apply my abilities and skills to achieve the goals I have in life.

As a result, I haven't been of as much value as I can be to the world.

I'm working on being better at evaluating my "wealth" more objectively, and applying it more effectively.

In so doing, I can be much better at sharing my wealth (which is about much more than finances) with the world.

So, on that note, I'd like to share with you today some simple things which might help you to see that what you think you're seeing, may only be a part of what's actually there.

Optical Illusion - Proud Parents
Proud Parents
(Hint: Baby)

Optical Illusion - Face
Look Out

Optical Illusion - woof-woof
Woof - Woof!

Optical Illusion - Lovers in a rose
The Lovers

Optical Illusion - three women and Einstein
Einstein's Sirens

Optical Illusion - Tree Faces
The Many faces of a tree (There are 10)

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