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August 21, 2005

So this is my gloved

So this is my gloved hand, and a little bird... a little hummingbird.Every year, my parents hang up hummingbird feeders, and we get a multitude of them showing up.I was at my parents mowing the lawn to help them get ready for Brian and Jamie's going away party, and left the garage door open.

My parents had just cleaned the windows in the garage, and this poor little guy (girl? - how can you tell with hummingbirds? I assume it was the guy, because it was more colorful, and male birds are supposed to be the more colorful ones... anyway, (s)he) had gotten totally exhausted after flying into the garage, and becoming totally confused about how to get out. (HINT: Head towards the gaping bright hole (A.K.A. OPen garage door) on the end opposite of you.)

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August 27, 2005

An explanation of the convoluted mess that will likely become World War 3

I'm going to go out on a little limb here and offer an explanation for world war three. I know it might seem a bit premature, but 12 year economic theory dictates that the United States must be involved in another major global conflict, no later than 2013.

So here's a theory for how it begins. Remember, it's just a theory, and I really hope I'm wrong. But as you go through it, think about it… If you hated America, wouldn't this be a good way you would (and could) try to bring about its demise?

My work in the field of Identity Theft has led me to believe that because Americans' information is so readily available and easily hacked, and is used for so many things in our lives, that it is the best and most vulnerable place for a large-scale attack from a small group of like-minded individuals looking to change the world.

Sometime around late 2010, or early 2011, using the "shock and awe" method, a network of hackers from all over the world will use the Chinese, Iranian, or North Korean computer network infrastructure to attack not only the Department of Defense, but also financial institutions (i.e. your bank), the Medical Information Bureau, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the Department of Homeland Security, other private and governmental systems, and even the Social Security System.

This will create headaches in the American way of doing things that we can't even begin to imagine. People will receive the wrong medications in hospital stays, driver's licenses will be revoked, or become non-existent, bank accounts will temporarily cease to exist (i.e. your money), etc. etc. etc.

We will, as a nation, recover relatively quickly, as we did after September 11. Hopefully most Americans will have woken up to the idea that they really do need a Plan for Identity Theft Protection.

We will recover relatively quickly as a nation, but individual horror stories will abound. Many people will lose money in ways they hadn't even though they could (as on September 11), some will lose their lives (due to mix-ups and confusion), and some will take their own lives over the financial obligations, responsibilities, outstanding debts, etc. etc. (not probably dramatically, but people will tell it later that it was dramatic). We will recover, because that's who we are.

But, the masses of the American public will watch their televisions for clues as to what's going on, and will hear bits and pieces of sensationalized information.

Reporter: "Late Breaking news from so-and-so technology expert shows that there was an extreme spike in the Internet traffic coming from computers originating in China… In house, we have Mr. John Doe Technology, to tell us about what this could mean."

Mr. John Doe Technology: "Well, because of my background, and blah, blah, blah, I think that it is quite possible that the Chinese government could have created this attack as a way of trying to assert their… blah, blah, blah…"

Reporter: "But isn't your background in technology?"

Mr. John Doe Technology: "Well, yes, it technically is, but while I am here, I think I will expand my level of knowledge to include military strategy… because… well… it makes me sound more important, y'know, and it makes me more credible, and makes it more relevant that you chose me for this segment of the news."

Americans will hear conflicting theories on why their money disappeared from their bank accounts for two weeks, and why Grandma, who was known to be allergic to Penicillin, was treated with Penicillinduring her last visit to the hospital and nearly died, because her medical records were confused with someone else's.

Bottom line, Americans will demand action.

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