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November 2, 2010

My Entrepreneurial Spirit Comes From Anger

Digging for nickels, dimes, quarters, and silver dollars in a kiddie pool filled with sawdust at a company picnic, I remember someone telling my younger brother what a valuable contribution my dad was making to the company that was sponsoring that picnic. I'm sure whoever that person was used different words to relate this idea to my 3 year old brother. However, even at my young age (4 or maybe 5), I remember feelings of pride and happiness for my dad.

My dad is a highly intelligent, hard-working, dedicated, well-educated, and well-paid guy. He can think through things 12 steps ahead of where they are right now, diagram it all out for you, and walk you step-by-step through what needs to happen to get there.

Despite this, growing up, I watched my dad have 7 different (well-paid, high-position) jobs in 15 or 16 years.

One of the first downsizings came as the biggest shock.

In my memory, I see my brothers and Dad and Mom standing around the kitchen counter.
In my memory, I don't just see, but also experience; the pain, the hurt, and the frustration as Dad walks through the door at home, 2 hours earlier than usual, briefcase in hand.

In my memory, I see, experience, and feel his feelings of betrayal as he tells my mom how they had escorted him to his desk, given him 15 minutes to collect his belongings, and escorted him to the door (presumably they did things this way so that they could prevent or control anything he would say to other employees).

What would he have told the other employees?

That their jobs were to be made redundant, outsourced, downsized, etc. the next day.

This was an era pre-pagers, pre-cell phones, when you wouldn't have someone's home number or even think to call them in the evenings. (Instant messaging, texting, and emailing, were not options then.)

My brothers and I, and later my sister, watched as Dad went through
- "downsizings"
- "lay-offs"
- "outsourcings"
- "redundancies"

or whatever the catch phrase of the day was for the equivalent of:

- "You've been sacked. India's cheaper."
- "You've been sacked, but only because we're going a different direction"
- "You've been let go, but only because of us, not because of you"

As my brothers and I made our way into the working world, each of us experienced (in our early twenties) a downsizing, an outsourcing, or a "being let go" from a large corporation that wasn't making the bottom line or saw fit to get rid of us - not because of what we'd done, but because the company wasn't meeting the bottom line.

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November 13, 2010

Bring Value: A Conversation With a New Marketer

When people email me out of the blue, sometimes the conversation gets longer and I end up sharing some content that I think is good and helpful for others.

So, this is an email conversation between myself and Stojaco, someone I've just met through ThreeMoneyMethods.com. I don't know how he came to that site, but I hope you find some helpful advice in the conversation as well.

Hi, Here are my "comments"...unfortunately I did not receive(read) the report because "the pc, doesn't have" aproproate program and can not translate thetext (the report)!...so,I am asking,do you have a videos(maybe this is idea for better marketing-marketing tool, ha-ha), or some fresh and quickest way to make money,($1000 montly will be good),(no offense,,,for the report,because I haven't saw-read it).Thank you. I am expecting your reply,as you said you ...will.

ps:I am not flatering you but I noticed that you are a good(Honest) guy,(which is very very rare when it comes to a "internet marketer") and I wish to tell you that I am a complete beginer to online merketing but I've noticed while I was looking for a way to make money online that with this one like you are doing (waiting for reply) you are making the same time (something-kind) like research and that is a sign to a honest in depth marketer,waitig for reply and maybe future cooperation.thank you.

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