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March 5, 2007

A question about Oldenburg

Six years ago, I studied in Oldenburg, Germany, as an exchange student. I still, from time to time, get people asking me questions about the time that I spent in Germany.

Here is one question that I got today, and my answer to it.

My daughter, Hannah, decided to follow her Masters Program at Univ. of Illinois with a year as an Au Pair in a small town outside Oldenburg. She is finding the constant companionship of a fine German two year old not totally fulfilling. Any suggestions on how she might get 'in the mix' with UNC Foreign Study students, etc. at Oldenburg. Thanks for your thoughts.

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December 30, 2010

2010-12-31 This past two weeks

In an effort to better track my time and know what I've been doing (because I do a lot, but often beat myself up for not accomplishing as much as I wanted to), I've decided to start posting regularly on Strive4impact with some of what I've done over the past couple of weeks.

Set up Music of Massage, a place where massage therapists and anyone interested in 60 minutes of incredible relaxation music, can go to get it. It's $4.95/month for online access or $19.95/month to get a CD delivered to you, or $19.95/month for a CD delivered + online access. Music of Massage is my first membership site, and I'm very excited to help it grow!

Hired people on to do all kinds of tasks including cleaning up a list I bought of massage therapists and massage spas, Researching lots of blogs where I can request to have articles posted, and signing up for affiliate programs.

Bought plane tickets from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Dehli, India, on May 3rd. $225 - Total cost for both of us including extra luggage allowance, meals, and extra leg room, for a 4 1/2 hour flight. No idea yet how or when we'll arrive in Malaysia. Carrie is so good at planning amazing places for us to travel.

Opened an account with Goldmoney

Talked with Houston Home Theater Systems (also my older brother) about redesigning his site into Wordpress.

Wrote articles on IdentityTheftSecrets about How to Watch TV While Traveling Abroad, Coupons for ESET Smart Security, and creating backups of hard drives with a program called Acronis.

Pretty excited about having made an affiliate commission on The Solar Plan. The sale was for a discounted item (unfortunately I can't see which item) through Hammacher Schlemmer.

Posted articles on GreenJoyment about Government rebates for solar and green initiatives in Australia,
Tom's of Maine's $50/$100 contest (you can still win!), and learned about third generation solar.

Added new page templates (without sidebars) to Identity Theft Secrets and Still need to do this for

Helped Patrick Shaw and Adam (my brother) with a big server migration

Celebrated Christmas with our friend James and his family, and our friends Matt and Nicole and Keith and Carol.

Of course I've been up to a lot more... that's all the summary I'm going to take time to write up right now.

March 8, 2011

What Skills Do You Have?

I was thinking about some money challenges a friend of mine is having.

He's an Indian guy, studying in the states.

He said that is he is running out of money.

I remember when I was in Germany in 2001 ($10,000 in credit card debt at the time), and had NO money...

I had a plane ticket home, but that wouldn't happen for eight more weeks.

I was ashamed to ask my parents for (more) help, because they were helping me dig my way out of the credit card debt. I had lied to them for 6 months before I went to Germany to try to cover up my mistakes, and didn't want to have to ask for more help.

But I barely had enough money to buy something to eat.

However, 3 days before I left for Germany, I had just gotten certified in massage therapy.

So I went to a few massage therapists, and with my limited German language skills, found one who had a massage chair I could borrow.

But she needed some collateral, something of value to know that she would get her massage chair back.

So I gave her my passport.


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