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November 9, 2005

Thoughts on and from Jim Rohn

It's amazing to me.

I can't imagine anyone going through life, an entire lifetime, and not hearing Jim Rohn. I've linked to his site above, but I got this audio series from a business associate last night, and I am just so totally blown away by it. It's called "Take Charge of Your Life - The Winner's Seminar" (which, admittedly, is a less-than-adequate title for what is a great series. Saying that gives it a VERY Stuart Smalley feel).

I can not imagine not getting this training.

Now Mr. Rohn has no idea I exist, but his words have already impacted my life in a huge amazing way, and that was before I started listening to this audio series.

Just totally amazing.

Here's some excerpts from the first two CD's...

Everything you need is within reach.

Now's the time to fix the next ten years.

Are you reading the books that are going to get you where you want to be in the next 5 years?

You can't succeed by yourself.

Make rest a necessity, not an objective.

The goal of life:
Make measurable Progress in Reasonable time.

Lifestyle is figuring ways to live uniquely.

Happiness is not an accident, it's an art.

Being successful is not doing extraordinary things. It's doing ordinary things extraordinarily well.

When what you say is the tip of the iceberg of what you know, that's when communication becomes powerful


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November 12, 2005

More Jim Rohn

Okay, so I've finished the audio series and will definitely be listening again.


Here are some of my favorite excerpts.

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January 15, 2006

Once in a lifetime - busting the myth

I'm not an Eminem fan. In fact, I really don't have any opinion on Eminem, because I have never met him. But, he has a song that I have heard frequently... and I like the song, but I got to thinking about the lyrics, and I don't think I agree with the message at all.

It goes like this: "You better lose yourself in the music, the moment, you better never let it go. You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow, this opportunity comes once in a lifetime."

And Eminem is, of course, not the only one promoting this kind of a philosophy. Our entire American society is based around the idea that you have to pay attention, because you may miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

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January 23, 2006

Life, as a series of gifts

This morning, right before I woke up with the alarm for a Monday morning mastermind meeting, I was having a dream.

In my dream, my alarm went off. So I shut off the alarm, got up, and went into the office, which is across the hall from my bedroom (which was pretty accurate in my dream). As I walked into the office, I noticed that there were presents all around me. It was so amazing!

There were presents of of all shapes and sizes, most of them being in gift bags of all colors and sizes. I realized that my office was larger (than it actually is), and the entire room was actually filled with presents.

As I turned to go back into the bedroom to tell Carrie, I realized that there were presents all around me. Everywhere I looked, there were presents.

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May 28, 2006

Leverage - What is Leverage

I heard this on a call tonight, and it really stuck with me.

"Leverage: Getting more results, from the same activities because of the things you learn, and the tools you learn to employ, in the process."

Quoted by Patrick Shaw

February 11, 2007

What the Bleep Do We Know

I love this movie.

I have seen it several times, and it really summarizes what I have generally accepted in my life to be true.

Take a look and watch it for yourself.

Please feel free to leave your comments below.

What The Bleep Do We Know

September 13, 2007

Joel Comm's Thoughts on MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing)

Joel Comm made a post on his blog about MLM (Multi-Level Marketing), and I responded to his post with the comments below by talking about my own experiences in MLM with Pre-Paid Legaland offering some advice to people (for whatever it's worth).

I hope you find it beneficial!

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February 6, 2009

Making an ebook/book cover - COOL!

Here's what I learned yesterday...

For the longest time, I have wanted to know how to make a graphic look like a book cover. I've always hired this kind of work out and spent anywhere from $50-$200 each time I've had it done.

I don't mind paying for it, especially when the quality is good, but when I get back an ebook cover that looks junky, it has made me wonder if I should just learn how to make ebook covers myself.

Well, I had occasion to do so yesterday.

Jackie Harsha (a member on our GreenJoyment site) wrote an ebook (and print book) about how to cook using solar cooking.

It's a great idea, and something we've been doing with GreenJoyment for a while now (making solar cookers and cooking with the sun), so it's a natural fit to be selling Jackie's book through our site.

But Jackie didn't have an affiliate program, or any way to track the traffic we were sending her.

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February 16, 2009

You and I are SO Rich!

Maybe it's been prompted by the news I've heard lately that we're in some sort of global economic crisis, but I've been thinking a lot about how much wealth the average person has.

And not just in America or in the Western world, but all around the world, we have so much wealth.

If you don't believe me, try this one on for size.

Assuming you are a sighted person...

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October 30, 2010

It's Not Your Company

I refer to Theirs as They, you refer to theirs as my.

I was talking to someone who was fired from a company (or, to use the PC term, was made redundant).

But this individual still talked about the company like they were part of it.

"Well, when I worked there, we found that our customers would talk to us if we... "

It made me want to grab this person and go:

Hey? Hello? Are you paying attention to the world around you?

It's not your company.

Is your name on the building? Then it's not your company.

Didn't they fire you?

Isn't that why you don't work there anymore?

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November 13, 2010

Bring Value: A Conversation With a New Marketer

When people email me out of the blue, sometimes the conversation gets longer and I end up sharing some content that I think is good and helpful for others.

So, this is an email conversation between myself and Stojaco, someone I've just met through I don't know how he came to that site, but I hope you find some helpful advice in the conversation as well.

Hi, Here are my "comments"...unfortunately I did not receive(read) the report because "the pc, doesn't have" aproproate program and can not translate thetext (the report)!,I am asking,do you have a videos(maybe this is idea for better marketing-marketing tool, ha-ha), or some fresh and quickest way to make money,($1000 montly will be good),(no offense,,,for the report,because I haven't saw-read it).Thank you. I am expecting your reply,as you said you ...will.

ps:I am not flatering you but I noticed that you are a good(Honest) guy,(which is very very rare when it comes to a "internet marketer") and I wish to tell you that I am a complete beginer to online merketing but I've noticed while I was looking for a way to make money online that with this one like you are doing (waiting for reply) you are making the same time (something-kind) like research and that is a sign to a honest in depth marketer,waitig for reply and maybe future cooperation.thank you.

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March 8, 2011

What Skills Do You Have?

I was thinking about some money challenges a friend of mine is having.

He's an Indian guy, studying in the states.

He said that is he is running out of money.

I remember when I was in Germany in 2001 ($10,000 in credit card debt at the time), and had NO money...

I had a plane ticket home, but that wouldn't happen for eight more weeks.

I was ashamed to ask my parents for (more) help, because they were helping me dig my way out of the credit card debt. I had lied to them for 6 months before I went to Germany to try to cover up my mistakes, and didn't want to have to ask for more help.

But I barely had enough money to buy something to eat.

However, 3 days before I left for Germany, I had just gotten certified in massage therapy.

So I went to a few massage therapists, and with my limited German language skills, found one who had a massage chair I could borrow.

But she needed some collateral, something of value to know that she would get her massage chair back.

So I gave her my passport.


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April 10, 2011

How many order buttons do you have in the world?

How many order buttons do you have out there?

This was a question asked by Paul Myers in his newsletter today.

It made me think.

How many order buttons do I have in the world?

"Order buttons" defined: Places where people can pull out their credit card/debit card/bank details and (in exchange for the value I'm providing them) pay me something in return?

I promote lots of other people's order buttons and other people's businesses.

I do this through affiliate marketing.

Some of the companies I promote pay me commissions when one of their products is sold from my referral.

However, for products and solutions I provide, I really only have two order buttons in the world right now.

Order buttons (for us) would be places where (when people buy) the money goes directly to our business account.

Those two places are Healing Scar Tissue and Music of Massage.

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October 11, 2011

Work is Pretty Much Boring

Mark: "Do you like working where you're working or is it pretty much boring as hell?"

Jonathan: "I like working where I'm working, but yah, it's pretty much boring."

That was the conversation I had some time ago with my friend Mark.

Most people go into business thinking that they will avoid the "boring as hell" stuff that they have to do in their job.

But you know what I've discovered? In business, there's plenty of boring-as-hell stuff to do as well.

And if you don't do the boring stuff that your business requires (or at least hire someone to do the boring stuff that your business requires), then chances are good that your business won't succeed, and you'll be back to doing the boring stuff for someone else.

Business is more work than a job. Having and running business takes more initiative and drive than having a typical job.

But I'd much rather do boring things that I know are going to benefit me, as opposed to boring things that I know will benefit someone else in exchange for a paycheck.

That's not very optimistic, and... to be clear... not all business stuff is boring.

You should go into a business you are passionate about.

But know that there will be boring things that you just have to get done in order to get where you want to go with your business.

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