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Internet Explorer 8 Won't Open Links In New Window Or New Tab

Problem: Your Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) won't open any links in a new window or a new tab.

This means that all links from an email account (like Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo) simply don't open. In some cases, the links may open the tab, but then nothing happens (the screen loads blank or with a white page), or the links simply don't open the tab or window at all.

Solution: After working on getting tabs to open by turning off add-ons, and about 100 other suggestions from people all over the Internet, my dad and I found the code below (on this post written by someone named Kai) and it worked. IE 8 now WILL open new tabs and new windows on my parent's computer, where it wouldn't open new tabs and new windows before we applied this fix.

As that post was a little sparse on instructions (for people who may not know about programs like Notepad), I took the instructions and added some screenshots so that anyone can use this excellent code Kai has written.

The code appears to be 100% fine, although we did get a little error message when running it, but no problems with the computer since.

I can't guarantee this will help you open new tabs or windows in Internet Explorer 8, but we seriously tried about 100 other suggestions before finding this one that finally worked.

Why Microsoft hasn't come up with this solution is beyond me as it appears plenty of people are having this problem.

If this lets you open new tabs/new windows in Internet Explorer 8 (running Windows 7 as an operating system (OS)), please post a comment below so others will know that this works.



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