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Man Turns Tragedy Into Destiny

Dave Carroll undoubtedly got mad when he saw his guitar being thrown by an airline employee for United.

He undoubtedly got mad when everyone passed the buck and wouldn't work to help him get the guitar repaired or replaced.

But rather than telling all his friends not to fly United, Dave took a different approach.

He produced something quality from the experience. A music video. It's a catchy little tune, and the video was produced very well.

And now, as a result, United wants to listen to Dave. And they want´╗┐ to use this video as an instructional video for the luggage handlers. And Taylor wants to look at his guitar and see about fixing it.

And now he's been on CNN

and FOXNews

Dave Carroll is now being blogged about by thousands of people, and his music career has officially REALLY taken a huge step forward.

He could have just made a quick little video and said "United Airlines Sucks."

Instead he took his talent and made a really quality product.

Millions of people who wouldn't heard about Dave have now heard about him.

2.1 million views as of this posting.

It's a great response on Dave's part to what could have turned out to be nothing other than a simple frustrating experience for Dave.

Really great job of dealing with the situation.

Here's his video response to all the media frenzy.

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Misti Burmeister commented:

That's what I love about the internet - if we really want to have our voices heard, we can...we just have to get really creative to do it. So AWESOME! M:)

Posted by Misti Burmeister | July 11, 2009 2:39 PM

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