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Craig Garber's email

Craig Garber sent out an email this morning with some interesting tidbits about life and whatnot, so I thought I would re-post them here.


And thanks to Craig Garber!

· According to AC Nielsen, the ratings company, 2 out of every 10 Americans have NO spare cash. I don't know about you, but I do everything in my power to ward off these guys like bug spray wards off mosquitoes at a picnic.

· Ever wonder why gift cards are so popular? Now even your local corner Walgreens sells gift cards from Circuit City, Best Buy, and even Blockbuster. This is because about $8 Billyun (yes, that's Billyun with a "B") a year is wasted on unredeemed gift cards -- and... here's the scary part: That represents 27.5% of all gift card sales made! This means more than 1 out of every 4 people who get gift cards, do nothing with them. (Believe me, if Starbucks is doing something, it ain't because they're nice.)

· If you are female and horny, then move to Alaska. See, Alaska has the highest ratio of men to women in the U.S., so your chances are better there. If you're a guy who's looking for love, then move to DC, where there are 11% more women than men. In general, nationwide there are 4% more women than men.

· This I found interesting: Entrepreneurs are more likely to sell their business more because of their age (57%) than anything else, like health or boredom. This means that a successful entrepreneur will only "quit" under his or her own terms, and only then, when they are pretty much forced to, or have decided "it's time." What the passionate successful entrepreneurs bring to their business -- and to their lives -- is absolutely unparalleled. To us, it's not "working," it's doing what we love. If you're not feeling like this, it's DEFINITELY time to re-consider why you're waking up every morning to do something you don't like doing.

· And here's another one you might find strange. Most online shopping in the U.S. happens during work hours, with the peak at 4pm. I would imagine this refers to business to consumer sales, primarily.

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