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The Crutch

You can use a crutch as a weakness or strength.

Here's a man, Bill Shannon, who decided that he wasn't going to let his circumstances dictate what he was capable of.

His crutch became the very thing that will propel him to be an incredible inspiration to the thousands who will see his video.

He dictated what he was capable of, and his circumstances conformed to his desires.

Can we all learn to do the same in our lives?

Make the decision today. Find what works for you - Kevin Fanter says it this way.

"I am the voice. I will lead, not follow."

Make a choice today.

Force your circumstances to conform to your desires!

Be a Bill Shannon to the people who will see your example. Live a powerful life, be strong in your convictions, and you will help others to move their lives to new places because of who you are for them.

Turn the crutch into your greatest reason.

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